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Advantages of Filing Income Tax Returns Before Deadline

In India, according to the Income tax Act, 1961, you must file your income tax return before July 31 of the assessment year. This rule applies to salaried people earning an income of less than Rs. 25 lacs, and businessmen running their own enterprises with a turnover of less than Rs. 100 lacs. In case you earn a salary above […]

May 17th, 2015|0 Comments

Reduce your EMI by Borrowing through P2P Lending

Typical borrower can borrow money from P2P lending platform at a 4-6% lower interest rate than banks due to efficient lending model. This additional 4-6% can sometimes mean a lot of savings especially if the loan amount is high or loan tenure is longer. For example, consider Niraj who borrows Rs 2,00,000 for 2 years from banks such as

May 10th, 2015|2 Comments

How P2P Lending is Revolutionizing Personal Loans and Replacing Banks

P2P lending was the most common form of financing and members of close-knit communities helped each other by lending to those who needed the funds. With the arrival of the internet, the community has now expanded beyond political and geographical boundaries. P2P lending is a form of financing that seems to have begun expanding in a big way 10 years […]

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10 Steps to Reduce Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom

Reducing debt is key to achieving financial freedom. Having made the decision to take control of your financial health is the best thing ever and the sooner you make it the better it is. Getting rid of your debt could seem like a daunting task but with a careful control on your spending and a smart look at your loans, […]

May 3rd, 2015|0 Comments

How to be Frugal Without Being Cheap

Being careful with your hard-earned money and spending it carefully is a wise habit that will not only stretch your income but also contribute to your personal wealth when you invest your savings. This is called being frugal, but there is difference between being frugal and being cheap. Being frugal means spending enough to cover your needs and requirements and […]

April 26th, 2015|0 Comments

Why P2P Lending is a Better Investment

The advent of the internet has opened up new venues for investing other than the traditional channels of bank accounts and bonds, government certificates, stock exchange, gold and silver, and even real estate. Investors looking to invest can opt for the latest avenue in marketplace finance and that is Peer to Peer Loans or P2P loans. Lenders and borrowers can […]

April 26th, 2015|1 Comment

9 Steps to the Perfect Investment Plan

Making sound investments is the wisest strategy for ensuring the financial good health of your family. Invest whatever savings you can put aside in secure channels so that your money works for you and multiplies. The sooner you make the decision to save and invest, the better it will be. Undertake these steps to get started.

 Pool Your Available […]

April 19th, 2015|1 Comment

How Financial Literacy Affects Your Income, Debt and Wealth Levels

Financial literacy refers to your understanding of how money functions in the world. It involves the entire gamut of your personal finances beginning with the money you earn, how you spend it, the investment avenues you choose so you can plan for your future and the donations you make to help others. Being financially literate means that that you will […]

April 8th, 2015|1 Comment

P2P Lending:How Borrowers Get Lower Rates

The basic principle of peer to peer lending is simple: directly match borrowers with investors and eliminate bank in the financing process. Direct peer-to-peer lending helps borrowers get better rates and lenders get better returns. In this post, we will discuss borrowers’ benefits.

What do we mean by eliminating banks? Banks pay approx. 8% interests on fixed deposits and then lend […]

March 21st, 2015|0 Comments

First Post from Lending Chaupal

Finally, we’ve got the Lending Chaupal (LC) blog up and running! This will be a space to hear about the latest developments at LC, what we’re up to inside the company and what’s happening in peer to peer lending world.

We are going to be live in few months. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the next few months […]

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